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The Gala “Fund-A-Need” proceeds were used to purchase a complete set of student computers in the library, new classroom LCD projectors, and Career Choices licenses for Freshman Seminar. Total Cost: $22,000.


We replaced all of the aging classroom televisions with flat panel TV’s to provide teachers with the tools to make great presentations to our students. Project Cost: $25,000.


$10,000 was applied towards the purchase of tablets for CHS students.


Event proceeds were used to provide new camera equipment to the Media Tech program in the amount of $4,400, SMART Boards in the amount of $3,450, and computer tablets in the amount of $15,000.


CHSF raised $26,500 at the Hall of Fame event, and $462.60 during the Prom Corsage & Boutonniere sale to benefit the Gym Renovation Project.


Our entire community came together to complete our funding goal of $320,000 to benefit the Canyon gym renovation. We are honored to have partnered with the school district to complete funding for this $1.29 million dollar project. The renovation was completed in January of 2021, and as a symbol of our Comanche community for 48 years, it is once again a source of pride and a reflection of the Excellence at Canyon.


Raised $19,700 toward the Canyon Performing Arts Center renovation. Raised over $50,000 from the 2021 City of Anaheim Fireworks sale.


Fund-A-Need proceeds were used to repaint our school cafeteria with our school colors and replace old ceiling tiles as well as broken stage lighting fixtures. Project Cost: $14,000.


The Foundation set out to refurbish the restrooms by purchasing a power washer, supplies and janitor training (Cost: $2,000). The remaining money was used to fund deep cleaning of the restrooms several times a year. $7,000 in surplus funds were used to purchase novels and books for the English department.


The Foundation Gala was renamed the Canyon Hall of Fame as a collaboration between CEF and Athletics, to recognize exemplary CHS students, athletes, faculty, and individuals who have made significant contributions to the greater community.


CEF was renamed CHSF to emphasize a renewed purpose of elevating Academics, Arts and Athletics at CHS. Funds were used to purchase 20 Fitbits for Physiology in the amount of $2,000, $1,150 to purchase Aviation simulation equipment, 40 Walkie Talkie radios for increased school-wide security totaling $10,000, and computer tables and chairs for the Library Media Center Fund-A-Need in the amount of $15,500.


CHSF raised $23,205.46 from the Canyon Fireworks stand in July, $40,500 during the first Week of Giving Campaign, $46,264.15 from the 2018 Hall of Fame gala, $23,502.46 from the 2018 City of Anaheim Canyon Fireworks stand, and $22,034. from the 2018 Week of Giving, to benefit the Gym Renovation Project.


CHSF helped 14 Canyon boosters to raise over $24,000 in support of their programs and raised $2,700 toward our 2020 Fund A Need to benefit the Canyon Performing Arts Center renovation.

CHSF fundraising campaign highlights from the past 12 years

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